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The San Mateo County Transit District is a political subdivision of the State of California, organized pursuant to California Public Utilities Code, Sections 103000 et seq. Policies and procedures governing procurement of supplies, equipment, materials, services and construction are derived from the District's enabling legislation, the California Public Contract Code, rules and regulations established by the Board of Directors, and federal law.

The Contracts and Procurement department is the centralized procurement department for SamTrans, Caltrain and Transportation Authority.

The department is responsible for procuring all goods and services required to meet the needs of its customers by implementing the fundamental principles of procurement, as follows:

  1. foster maximum open and free competition for contracts;
  2. promote the greatest economy and efficiency in procurements;
  3. establish and maintain an arm's length relationship with all contractors, consultants and vendors;
  4. treat all prospective contractors, consultants, and vendors in an equal and equitable manner;

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