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JPB and District public works contracts require the payment of prevailing wages established by either the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) or the United States Department of Labor (DOL), and in some cases these contracts require both sets of prevailing wages. If a contract requires both DIR and DOL prevailing wage rates, then the contractor will be required to meet the higher of the two prevailing wage obligations. Prevailing wage rates can be researched at the following websites:

These rates can also be accessed at the following websites:

DIR: http://www.dir.ca.gov/OPRL/DPreWageDetermination.htm

DOL: http://www.wdol.gov/

Applicable prevailing wage rate determinations may differ for each public works contract. Copies of the prevailing wage rates are on file in the JPB/District Labor Compliance Office located at 1250 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94070 and are available to any interested party upon request. The Labor Compliance Officer may be contacted at (650) 508-7940 during normal business hours.


The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB) and the San Mateo County Transit District (District) administer a California Department of Industrial Relations-approved Labor Compliance Program. The purpose of the LCP is to monitor and enforce prevailing wage laws on JPB and District public works contracts.

Elements of the Labor Compliance Program include, but are not limited to:

  1. Discussing prevailing wage laws with contractors at pre-bid and pre-construction meetings.
  2. Requiring contractors to submit weekly certified payroll records (CPRs) using the web-based payroll tracking system LCPTracker.
  3. Reviewing wages reported on CPRs to verify compliance with prevailing wage obligations.
  4. Monitoring and enforcing compliance with apprenticeship program requirements.
  5. Observing construction sites and conducting interviews with workers to verify that all workers are being accurately reported and properly paid.
  6. Seeking restitution of wages for workers who were not paid required prevailing wages.
  7. The full text of the Agency’s Labor Compliance Program (LCP) is available here.

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