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Contract Number: 14-SAMTR-PCJPB-SMCTA-P-003
Bid Type:   RFP

On-Call Financial Consulting Services

The San Mateo County Transit District (District), the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB), and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (Authority), referred to as “Agency” or collectively as “Agencies”, intend to engage the services of qualified consulting firms or joint ventures (Consultants) to provide a broad category of on-call financial consulting services as delineated herein. Accordingly, the Agencies seek Proposals from firms (Proposers) for consideration for the selection of Consultants to implement the Scope of Services specified in Part 2, Section 2 of this Request for Proposals (RFP). Proposers should have experience working with public sector agencies, and specifically with transit agencies comparable in size to the three Agencies. Further, the ability to initiate consensus with multiple stakeholders to determine financing strategies and various alternatives are essential requirements. The Agencies anticipate engaging financial consulting services firms with expertise in the following categories: • Financial Advisory Services; • Financial Analysis Services; • Financial Audit and Technical Analysis Services Performance Audit Services The Agencies encourage qualified firms to submit proposals for each category of services; however, Proposers may propose for one or more of the above categories. Proposers should organize their proposals separately for each category of service proposed, and include their understanding of the Agencies’ objectives and requirements. The Agencies will evaluate proposals for the five categories of services—advisory; analysis; audit and technical analysis; performance fee audit, and Caltrans pre/post award audits separately. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation process, separate contracts may be awarded for each Agency. Firms considered qualified to be awarded a contract(s), will be awarded one Agreement per Agency regardless of the number of categories proposed. 1. ADDENDUM NO. 1 AND QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR CLARIFICATION AND THE AGENCIES RESPONSES TO THEM HAVE BEEN POSTED 2. QUESTION 23 OF THE QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR CLARIFICATION HAS BEEN REVISED. THE AGENCIES RESPONSE HAS NOT BEEN REVISED PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW DOCUMENT POSTED HERE AS R01 3. ADDENDUM NO. 2 HAS BEEN POSTED

Issue Date:  
October 29, 2013
Pre-Bid Conf. Date:  
November 06, 2013 10:00 AM
Pre-Bid Conf. Location:  
1250 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94560
Due Date:  
December 09, 2013 02:00 PM

Bids and Proposals shall be addressed to:
Contract Officer:  
Adwoa Oni
Contracts and Procurement
1250 San Carlos Avenue, 2nd Floor
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 508-6498

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