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To make the most of this website, you must register your company as a Vendor/Contractor and select at least one expertise code. Registered Vendors/Contractors will receive email notifications about solicitations and bids related to the Vendor's/Contractor's chosen areas of expertise. In addition, registered Vendors/Contractors will receive email notifications of changes to current solicitations and bids.

To register, click on the "Register NOW!" Button on the right side of this page.

Your submitted application will be reviewed by Samtrans staff for approval. Approval typically takes one business day. Once approved, you will receive a confirming email notification. There is no cost to register as a Vendor/Contractor with SamTrans.

Why you should register as a Vendor/Contractor

A firm or individual who registers as a Vendor/Contractor will receive email notification of solicitations and bids for SamTrans, Caltrain and Transportation Authority projects/purchase requests. You will be asked to enter information about your firm. In addition, you will be asked to choose a password (your email address will serve as the user name) and identify the areas of expertise for which you wish to receive notifications about solicitations and bids. You may choose as many expertise codes as desired.

However, to be approved as a vendor you must select at least one expertise code.

If there is more than one person in your firm responsible for handling solicitations and bids, it is prudent to register each individual separately. This will ensure that email notifications do not go unnoticed in the event someone is out of the office or you have staffing changes.

Once registered, you have the ability to modify individual profiles as needed. If you are no longer the person that should be receiving solicitation notifications, please contact the Web Administrator at (650) 508-6270 to have your profile deleted.

Automatic Inclusion on a Planholder's List

Each solicitaion or bid has an accompanying Planholder's List. By logging on as a Vendor/Contractor and clicking the Open Contract Documents Area button, you are automatically added to the Planholder's List for that particular solicitation/bid.

Once you are a Planholder on a particular solicitation/bid, you will be eligible to receive notifications of changes or other information specific to that solicitation/bid.

Modifying your vendor/contractor profile

In the event you need to update any information such as a change of address or modify your email address or password, you can modify your Vendor/Contractor profile by clicking on the Update Profile button available when you log on to our system.

If you experience any difficulties in utilizing this section of the Procurement Website, please contact us at procurement@samtrans.com.  Staff will endeavor to respond to all inquiries within one business day.

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